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Squash rules can appear daunting but you can get help by reading World Squash articles below or THE RULES OF SQUASH Singles and Doubles.

Derek Advises
Squash is more fun if you can keep going but when in doubt, stop and ask for a let. Most games are between friends and no-one wants to inflict an injury (well almost no-one!).

  • Once you have hit the ball, get out of your opponents way
  • When it is your turn, you can move in a direct line to the ball;
    it is then your opponents job to get out of your way.

If you turn and strike the opponent with the ball, you LOSE the stroke.

Let Ball? - test your knowledge of the rules
Deliberate interference - stroke

Abbreviated rules
giving a simplified overview to help players with the basics

Singles Rules (pdf)
Full rules

Let Please
advice on what to do when someone asks for a let

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